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today we went a surprise birthday party for one of my daughters best friend. Her husband put it together and it was nice to actually get invited. We had a good time. Lots of kids, lots of parents. Kids are exhausted, overall it was a good time. Tomorrow we have puppy training in the AM. We are also inheriting 4 chickens from a person in my daughter's preschool class that is moving to FL. We talked about it doing it but decided to wait, but since we are getting them for free we decided what the hell. Then we'll probably go to the town's Garden Mart that the Garden club is holding the town green. They just finished putting together a map of all the town's farms which is pretty cool.

Then we'll be making yet antoher raised bed for the 6 asparagus crowns that I bought my wife for Mother's day. We got all male crowns which will hopefully work out much better then the ones we planted last year.

No sure what we're doign on Sunday. My wife was brilliant and decided to schedule an extra shift in the ED for Mother's day...

Should be a pretty full day tomorrow...
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