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Originally Posted by Jackson's Dad View Post
I started that book -- very well written, and so easy to read. But I had to stop after a chapter because it's so depressing. What a mess. I think the first thing that hits you, is that this war has been in the making for a long time. The key players (Cheney, Rummy, etc.) have been moving towards this goal for decades.
Despite that, I was a bit surprised to learn that the administration didn't plan on this from the outset, though some in the think-tanks on the outside did. It did take some persuasion, and a friend of Cheney noted that he was surprised when he did change course from containment to war.

What struck me (halfway through, up by Oct. 2003), as one who has read the news for years but not gone into all of the details of the war, is how the intelligence was sold, how there was really *no* post-war plan and why, specifically how many post-Saddam battles and situations were botched (and why), and how the lack of central authorities, as well as a clear sense of what the overall mission was/is, caused so many problems.

I never thought this war would work. Reading this, I see how *maybe* it could have worked if so many people hadn't screwed up. And all of that information makes it clear that the latest solutions, such as a troop surge, won't amount to a hill of beans.
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