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I'm a backyard bird watcher, a birder. All winter long it's been the crow, the red bellied wood pecker and the snowbird, aka the Junco.
In the last few days,there's been more types of birds making me think spring is coming soon.

The Eastern Bluebird, the Black Capped Chicadee, and the Pileated Woodpecker have visited.
Now the Eastern Bluebird is the only one who migrated to the South and returns in the Spring.
The other birds actually hunker down and stay in tree holes all winter.
Obviously we above freezing for a spells and we can't rule out winters last Roar, but I think we getting close to being done here.
I haven't seen Chipping sparrows and there's usually more than you can count. They migrate to southern climates in the winter.
The Red headed woodpecker also goes to Texas for the winter.
Hummingbird feeder goes out Last week of March in anticipation of First week of April arrival.
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