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Originally Posted by tt3 View Post
Start by not eating out any more and cooking your own food. (Hamburger helper or "meals in a box/bag" ain't cookin' your own food, btw.)
My wife would be shocked to know that

I am in terrible shape. I was in awesome shape when I started staying home. Walking, hiking, bike riding all the time for the first couple years. Then this past year it got to be more of sitting on my ass while she's playing at the playground, can't go for a walk with a 4yo at more than 3 feet per hour. So now I'm pushing 250, fattest of my life.

I'm turning that around now though. Focused even more on healthy eating, though it's hard to change somebody else's habits. Started back on the rowing machine and elliptical this past week. Ouch. I really want to be back down to 225 by the summer and work from there. Like mark mentioned, I think taking care of myself is going to get much easier once kindergarten kicks off in the Fall.
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