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I definitely need the whole kit and caboodle, endurance to be able to get more done, strength to not embarrass myself when doing something that requires lifting, and size just to look better.

I'm not all that concerned with the perfectly chiseled look, as I get definition pretty easily anyway.

So to sum it up, I want a combination of increased size, strength and endurance.

My arms are currently 12.5" unflexed, 10.5" at the forearm. I'd like at least 2 more inches on the upper arm and 1 on the forearms.

I'd like to be able to bench my own weight, 165 now but hopefully more as I gain. I can probably do half that now. Not having a bench, a barbell or a partner I'm not embarrassed to work out in front of (Sean, 15, is totally shredded and makes me want to go back in time and slap 15 year old me so hard I'll still feel it now), that's a little hard to work on. I also don't have a leg press machine, but I need to add some serious size and strength there. I've heard at least 2-2.5x one's body weight is a pretty decent leg press. I don't even know if I can honestly do 1x.

Also, is almost 40 too late to start talking flexibility?

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