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Makes sense. I recently started adding weight to body weight exercises by filling a backpack with books. It's amazing what a 20 lb bag on one's back can do. I don't think I was able to do 10 push-ups (wasn't counting) and did .8 of a pull up. I think strength is definitely highest priority right now, followed by size. I'm sick of the skinny arms and legs, but I'm more sick of what they can't do. For both of those, I know I'll need to incorporate more weight/resistance. I've been trying to increase my calories without breaking the bank too (not easy), and yesterday I weighed in at 170.5 naked, so I'm doing something right there.

Long term strength goal, feel free to laugh, but my wife and I never had a honeymoon. She's a teacher, and we got married in February. We planned on doing one in the summer. Well she got pregnant in April, big time nausea all summer, way too sick to travel. We had another a couple years later. Youngest is 3 now, and we're thinking maybe 10th anniversary we can finally take that trip. 2007, I wasn't in any kind of shape to carry her, but I want to be able to in 2017. You know, carry her over the threshold before I take her in and carry her over the other threshold. I know based on the historical origins of that custom I'd technically be too late, but I don't believe in that anyway. I just wanna be that strong, manly man in my mind.

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