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Default 20 month old seems to prefer working parent??

Hey, was wondering if you guys could give me a little advice about your experience with your kids and the working parent. For the most part when I am with my son alone during the day, everything is great. However, as soon as my wife stepped through the door, she definitely seems to be the preferred one. This extends through the weekend, where he prefers to have her do the reading, cries if she leaves the room; generally wants to be around her all the time.

This obviously makes a lot of sense, since he does not see her as much as he sees me, it is special to be able to spend time with her, and he therefore wants more of it when she is around. Was wondering what your experiences were with this. It can sometimes be a bit grating to be the less preferred parent.

Thanks for your advice, look forward to hearing your experiences. Thanks again
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