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Default Chicken Thingies

prep time 5-10min
cooking time in slow cooker 4-8hrs

1-1½ boneless skinless chicken Brest
1 can cheddar cheese
1 cup favorite salsa
½ cup water or chicken stock/broth
1 envelope of taco seasoning
Add hot sauce to taste

Put all ingredients into crock-pot (chicken can even be frozen) cook on low for 8 hours (even if frozen) a little longer will not hurt. (4 to 5 hours on high) Shred chicken with forks and leave it in the crock-pot 20 min before serving. Now this is called ‘Thingies’ because you can do with it want you want, through into taco shells add a little cheese for chicken tacos, roll in tortias for burritos, serve in a bowl with chips on the side and eat like chili, I’m sure you get the idea… Serves 4-6.
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