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Default What are your thoughts on "professional" gamers?

Over the past few years I've gotten sucked into watching "let's play" videos of people off all ages (from their teens to their 40s) playing video games and I was wondering if it's a valid form of entertainment to some of you guys?

I liken it to standing in the background while watching someone else play a game that you can't for whatever reason but it surprises me how some of them have near rock star status in certain circles. They receive fan mail, have fan clubs and followers on Twitter. Some even receive monetary gifts through Twitch or Pantheon. Getting a kickback on advertising through YouTube is one thing, but this other stuff kind of worries me. What do you think?

What really surprises me is that some of these people appear to receive endorsements from game producers and are even asked to represent them at conventions. In a way, they're like pro athletes. Many of these people are washouts from retail or low level corporate jobs who took a risk in investing in a high end PC and now rely on riding a trend in gaming popularity and relying on their own personality to put them ahead of their peers. That's incredible - and even a little crazy - to me. Am I dinosaur for feeling this way? Again, what do you guys think?
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