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Selective trout. Swisher and Edwards, 1972. A dramatically new and scientific approach to trout fishing in Eastern and Western rivers.

So I got a trout stocked lake, but the trout are done at 75 degrees. The lake at deepest point is 6 ft deep. The trout sink and die, I believe. The bass in this lake are "catch and release" as are the the other naturals, cat fish, perch whatever.
So I am looking for common diet of trout and bass.
So far craw dads, minnows and worms and frogs and mouse and big buggy sh$&t that might land on the water, bees, beetles, crane flies.
Looking to minimize my gear. Prolly only gonna be able to bank fish off the lake, unless I get driving privileges back.
I can make most. Big surprise was craw dad. I make a beauty out of Hungarian partridge and chenille.
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