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Yeah, welcome! I was like Mark, needed the playdates as much as the kids for some adult interaction when our kids were young. I also needed alone time on weekends for a break.

I think the biggest thing that's a transition becoming a parent is that it really is not about you. You do things that you wouldn't normally be comfortable with because you know it's in your kids best interest. I worry some about our youngest (who's almost 15) because of the way he now only wants to stay in his room on the computer. While I think a lot of that is OK, if he doesn't learn the ability to interact with other people some, life is going to be harder for him. I did take him to lots of playgroups. I'm hoping this is mostly a stage he's going through. I hope my own role model example of not having a lot of social interaction hasn't influenced him in a negative way. He does seem to do pretty well with other kids when away from us parents though.

Point is it's good for kids to have free play with other kids, more than at story hour. If you wait till they're older like my son, they're their own person and you can't influence their actions much anymore. Even if it's uncomfortable for you, you might find sharing stories with other parents helps you out with frustrations about parenting, and might gain some good ideas about things you hadn't heard about yet that benefit Max. Don't have to talk, just listen, that's what people like.
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