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Originally Posted by 757dad View Post
Just finished "The Martian" Really easy and fun read. Good movie too.
In my quest to become a writer I stumbled across a podcast called "The Victorious Writer" and a couple of years ago the host did an interview with Andy Weir. How he even got the book published is in itself quite the story and pretty much puts the traditional model for publishing on its ear.

He's had a website for over a decade where he puts his works in progress up for critique. "The Martian" was posted in episodic - and sporadic fashion - over the course of a few years. He would go months without writing and people would badger him to pick it back up.

Eventually he finished it but the feedback then began to include requests for a Kindle version so that people could do the whole ebook thing. Well, in order to do that he had to upload it to Amazon, which doesn't give things away for free. The minimum price is $.99 so that was what he charged.

Once he did that he essentially "published" the book and the book became a best seller on Amazon with rave user reviews. Once that happened, "traditional" print houses took notice. The movie deal also came to be around the same time the book was published.

Now he's under contract to write another book and he was able to quit his day job. That in itself is pretty inspiring. It's amazing at how it all happened - though not for lack of work. He didn't plan for things to come together this way but he urges others to follow that model because the window won't stay open forever.

While I liked the premise of the plot but at some point I feel that they jumped the shark by stripping down the recovery craft and putting a tarp over the top. The fire extinguisher as jet pack was a rip off from Wall E. Andy Weir is pretty much a rocket scientist though, so who am I to argue? He admitted to plot holes in subsequent interviews, including one that he didn't know of at the time: that there was already water on Mars. It was discovered after he'd finished the book.

BTW, here's a talk that Weir gave at the JPL that I found pretty entertaining. He's every bit the wisecracker that his protagonist was in "The Martian." He's pretty much a rock star to me now.

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