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Originally Posted by TwoCubs View Post
That was my experience last year. They developed a "plan" of 3 or 4 visits. I was pleasantly surprised that they used composite fillings. They looked at me as if I had said "leeches", when I asked if they were more expensive than metal amalgum. It seems that they no one around there had used metal fillings in the last decade, and wondered where I had been getting my dental work done at. So, I'm thinking, way to be a third world state, Oklahoma.

Anyway, no more cavity concealing metal on my teeth.

Good luck, Gduck.
Yeah, the composite stuff is pretty cool. They color match it with my teeth so that I don't have bright shiny white sections that stand out. Feels pretty close to the rest of the tooth too - just smoother. The first visit wasn't so bad. Even getting the shots in the mouth wasn't as painful as I remember them being. The drooling on yourself for the hour or two after the procedure is still pretty annoying though. But at the end of the day my teeth will all be in much better shape, I shouldn't have anymore issues as long as I keep taking care of them, and my wife will quit making jokes about my teeth.

Just ain't fun seeing the bill at the end of it though.
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