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[QUOTE=irie feeling;295600]2 strips if bacon at every breakfast. Used the fat to cook my eggs in.
Low carb burrito tortilla wrap turkey/ham/romaine lettuce/avocado/much Mayonaisse every lunch (but would sometimes switch it up and omit the. Burrito tortilla and use lettuce as the wrap)
Fatty meat (4 oz) and a green vegetable or cauliflower ( faux rice or faux mash potatoes) smothered in butter.
All the pork rinds I can eat.
A hand full of macadamia nuts a day
Occasionally made "fat bombs" found on Internet.
Used recipes in Keto cookbook recommended by nutritionist at Drs office.
Used Almond flour when frying. Fryed a lot.
Fatty fish, tuna steaks, salmon, Mahi.
No bread
No chips
No starches
Found Keto pizza made with almond flour dough and deep dish made with veggie cream cheese.
Ate portabella pizza when family had pizza night.
Had brats and sauerkraut
Had salad with oil and vinegar I made( lots of oil).
Sometimes I ate half a stick of butter just for the hell of it.
Kept the fat to carb 4:1 ( I got a book and learned how to read labels)
I got "Keto Styx" from the pharmacy and checked my pee every 4 days took me 6 weeks.
My brainwaves are so strong, doctors study them.
Amateur astronomer, bottled shipwright.
Omni, Flunkus, Moritadi.
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