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Sounds like you doing good!
Cheese ok. Low carb. (Unused carbs turn to body fat).
Everything you're eating on the list is good.
I do my 2 cups of real coffee and start my first pint of water at 11am and try to do a gallon by 9 pm.
A glass of diet soda counts. Just one.
Miralax or equivalent. My nutritionist says DAILY. (You can back off a day if its way too much for the colon)
Constipation and pushing can cause hernias.
Good for you both
Guess what!
A month seizure free!
It's the no carb diet and the implant. Neither one is a cure, but together, they kick E's butt.
My brainwaves are so strong, doctors study them.
Amateur astronomer, bottled shipwright.
Omni, Flunkus, Moritadi.

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