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Congrats on your resolve to get into shape. I'm in the same boat. Body weight exercises rule. No point in being able to sling around heavy weight if you can't even control your own body. Plus, it's easier on your joints. I highly recommend the book "Convict Conditioning" for all your body weight exercise needs. There are 6 basic movements with 10 progressions each. You're doing yourself right by doing pushups and pullups.

Pullups are especially great because it forces you to keep your diet in check - you'll never progress if you weigh too much.

There are countless variations for push ups. My favorites are offset push ups because they progress towards being able to do one handed push ups.

For legs, my favorites are the pistol squat and sprinting. I'm just not a fan of high reps so I actually do deadlifts and barbell squats at home (blasphemy, I know).

Here's a cheat sheet for the Convict Conditioning program, but I really recommend you pick up the book as it goes into the exercises more in depth, with a few interesting history lessons sprinkled in.

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