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I was actually thinking of some stories from when before I was a kid. I'd actually like to write a book about bullying. I had a lot of first hand experience.

I also have a story about an old college roommate who learned the hard way about dating a "clinger." He was over 21 and she was not, so when his friends came from home to visit and he went on a Bar Tour she got vindictive. She "seduced" our next door neighbor but kept stringing my roommate along. Our neighbor was the creepy Hugh Heffner wannabe type who would pursue anything with a heartbeat. He'd come over at bedtime wearing his bathrobe (no lie) to collect her for a booty call - then come back over and share all the sordid details afterwards. The funny part was that "she" crossed a line when Heff's friend joined them one evening. He actually used the line "I lost all respect for her." At the time I would just shake my head and say "I GOTTA write a book about this!"

Years later there was an SNL skit that summed it up perfectly:

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