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Mornin' gents!. LOTS of snow yesterday, and another cold morning.-28C/-18F with windchill of -35C/-31F, but it should be the last or close to the last of the cold (yah, I'm trying to convince myself of that). LOL! Tomorrow it's up to -2C/28F and get this, on Sunday, it's up to +3C/37F. So we should be seeing some melting - FINALLY!!!!

Son has the day off from school. The wife has a conference to attend, so we'll drop her off and then head on over to friends where my son will have a play date and the dads will go out for coffee, since it's his day off.

A quiet weekend is planned, which means one of two things, it will stay quiet, or it will get very busy. Hopefully the former, although I'm hoping friends of ours are able to meet us for lunch on Sunday; as it's been months since we've gotten together.
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