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Originally Posted by irie feeling View Post
Decided I'm boycotting this year. I love football. It sickens me every time I see a player disrespect the flag, our nation, those who died for their rights and freedoms, and those who have served and now serve protecting those rights and freedoms they have.
If you have a "statement" to make;the salute to our country, by playing the National Anthem, is is not the time.

If these spoiled rotten million dollar sign on jocks wanna make a statement let them take their money to the hood and use it to work with under privelidge kids who they need to set a positive example for.
Coaches and owners, they are your employees. If my employees wanted to make a "political statement" at work that might cost me customers and $$, I'd make them stop or fire them. (See;I'm not the only one pissed off)
Thank you Colin kaepernick. I hope you have to pump gas for the rest of your life.
Go eagles!
Freedom of speech, irie - but perhaps the NFL should collab with the USO and do a game out in Afghanistan. Beforehand they can take these spoiled players to the middle of BFE and talk about how IED are not to be confused with PEDs and can mess up your life MUCH worse than some piddly little $10K fine.
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