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Originally Posted by Kwak View Post
Freedom of speech, irie - but perhaps the NFL should collab with the USO and do a game out in Afghanistan. Beforehand they can take these spoiled players to the middle of BFE and talk about how IED are not to be confused with PEDs and can mess up your life MUCH worse than some piddly little $10K fine.
More like disrespecting those who gave you the right to Freedom of Speech, and those who continue to protect that right.

I was thinking what parents would ever teach their kids that's it's Ok to sit down or turn their back on the playing/ singing of the National Anthem?
Then it hit me. The Hippie generation, and maybe every generation since. The 70s changed were very influential on where we are today. Forgive me, I'm rambling, lunch break over, back to school.
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