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Originally Posted by irie feeling View Post
By now you probably realize you cannot protest at work. You cost me customers and money, I can fire you. It's in the NFL rule book as well.
Armband, silent protest... Hmm? Protest on your own time.

IMO sports should be about the game. Not about my religion , my political feelings.
The game has changed and goes beyond the gridiron.

Lines have been blurred. Work is no longer 9-5. Pagers saw to that and salaried positions that was now longer based on time as the standard meant that basically everybody can work "on call." Office politics and government politics now are allowed to blend where before there were "conflicts of interest" to the point where you can't express a simple opinion for fear of upsetting the apple cart. We've been watching editorialized news and programming with political slants for decades. Why should sports be any different? With all the rules and lawsuits and whatnot it's not like it's something that is completely random and candid - football especially.

Frankly it's all bullshit and the continuation of the "political correct" mindset that began in the 1990s IMO. I could give a shit. I trust my gut and vote with my wallet, even though the concept of money is continually becoming more and more abstract.

Like you, I did my time. I came out of it seeing how insignificant my opinions were in that particular stage. The fact of the matter is that the only real currency we have in this life is time, and if something makes me upset enough to want to waste it on something that doesn't benefit me then I will choose to ignore it and teach my children the best I can on the values I hold I have had to figure out on my own based on the experiences I have had.
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