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Default Life / work after the kids

Hi guys, I had a question. Have any of you given any thought or concern to life after the kids go to school? When maybe we aren't in demand all day?

I have been concerned about it, perhaps obsessing about it a little bit. It's a long way off considering that my son is only nine months old. However I keep thinking about what the job market and other things may be at that time. I have started to consider getting back into woodworking so I just have flexible hours once he is in grade school and make some money on the side, even flirted with the idea of creating iPhone apps.

My wife says she wouldn't care if I remained a house husband, however the need to contribute still messes with me a little bit.

How have you guys come to terms with this? Do you just figure you'll figure it out when it comes? Are some of your kids already in school and you remain in the house? Do some of you take on part time jobs?

Most importantly, how do you deal with the uncertainty of work in the future?
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