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Originally Posted by irie feeling View Post
Went to a restaurant chain named Houlahans, and they had a page full of gluten free dishes and offers many low carb/Keto dishes. I was in Keto heaven.
You'd be better off just staying home. Houlihans is $$ quality food with a $$$ price tag - solely because of the excessive Merikan sized portions.

I slipped up these past couple of weeks because we had cake for the kids' birthdays - and in our circle of friends and family it's a mixture of the entitlement of "let them eat cake" and "go big or go home" - and there were TWO full size cakes in our downstairs refrigerator.

Meanwhile, my wife is dogmatically sticking with weight watchers and counting points. That seems like way too much work though. I'm perfectly fine with just living on boneless chicken breasts wrapped in green leaf lettuce with a slice of tomato and some pickles for flavor. having all this "low calorie" (but high sugar or artificially sweetened) stuff lying around is a temptation I don't need.

I admit I also fell off the "no beer" wagon and overindulged - causing me to gain a couple of pounds back and have that bad achy feeling I get after overindulging. I really need to see a dietician.
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