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Yesterday I fought with my PC over trying to print a Word doc so I could sign a form from school. Then I lost the battle with enabling the scanner and had to take a picture of it with my phone so that I could text it to the BCBA.

Also, yesterday my wife's friend invited her to go kayaking at a local reservoir so I was tasked with finding the roof rack I'd bought. Surprise, surprise but after tearing apart the garage (and doing a bit of disposal in the process) and the basement (ditto) AND the office AND the dining room I still couldn't find it.

So I had to buy another at Dick's. That's OK: she wants to buy a second kayak and we'll need the spare rack for the roof rack - which BTW was a comedy of errors trying to install with Little Miss Can't You See I'm In A Hurry? trying to take charge.

PS: I checked the alignment of the neck on the guitar build. It's centered so I can now go about fretting.

I still need to tackle that bad purfling though. The easy way out would be to redo the binding entirely, but really it's a little strip of decorative inlay that's pegging my OCD:

So I made this jig with a cheap circle cutter and a dowel from HD:

Watch me completely fuck it up though.
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