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I spoke with the Special Education director at the school district that Justin is moving to. He may or may not sit in on the conference IEP call tomorrow afternoon. I'm dubious about any chances for Justin to go into ESY this summer. I'd rather he acclimate into the new house first - whenever that move will be.

I also called about my lawnmower because the grass is getting tall in some spots, going bare in others. The shop told me they're still waiting on parts to replace the tires; it's a self propelled motor so the wheels are integrated with the motors. That didn't fill me with confidence so I went to Lowe's to find a push mower and came up dry, so I ended up buying some topsoil so that I could see where the tree people had gouged up my grass.

I also went on a 25 mile/2 hour bike ride. I took off the additional gears on the crankset and the shifter on the left handlebar. I pumped the tires back up to 40psi after having them under 20psi for the previous day's singletrack excursion. While I'm fiddling with things to make it more capable on the rougher and hillier terrain, surprisingly yesterday's jaunt on the "straight and narrow" crushed gravel walking trail was easy despite the reduced gearing range. Though I was pedaling at a higher RPM I didn't feel tired out and my Strava figures didn't show much reduction in speed either. It seems like I'm not dealing with as much rolling resistance from the tires as I did when I had the tubes in and removing some of the mechanical components seems to have reduced friction on the chain - though I did also lube it. This experiment on the bike is ongoing but these early results are promising. Now if only I could shed some pounds too!
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