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Old 03-28-2022, 01:06 PM
Don-Dad Don-Dad is offline
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I thought weekends were made for bone brother? Or maybe boning? Both?

Check out Live Anabolic on Youtube.

They do push some of their products sometimes but gear all their workouts for guys over 40 (many specific to over 50). The older guy intermittent fasts but his workout advice is good, at-home stuff you can do.

I bought a nice set of bands during covid and keep them hanging on a door in my living room, most days I'll do a few circuits and also have adjustable dumbells and a kettlebell. Keep those near the TV as well and try to use them often.

I go to the gym and use the treadmill and elliptical. (Even though I own a treadmill). But my diet is always what keeps me from losing my belly. I make good strides for a few weeks and fall off the wagon.
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Old 06-10-2022, 01:49 PM
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I got my bike back from the LBS yesterday. They only had it two days to get it dialed in for a 30 mile road ride this weekend, but it needs an overhaul. I ground 9th gear pretty bad and need a new cassette. It keeps wanting to pop back into 8th because I wore a tooth down. I've been petitioning for a whole new 1x10 groupset with a clutch anyway - the same kind that comes on the current model/year of my 4yo bike. A whole new bike would cost close to $1100 though but the groupset is just under $200.

Meanwhile, I tried bleeding the brakes and changing the brake pads on the rear brake but got some air in the line and contaminated the new pads with some slop. The shop fixed my mistake for $83, all told.

I told them not to look too close. I also remounted the tires as tubeless and the bead on the front tire was all stretched. It's holding pressure but has a wobble. I don't anticipate going faster that 15 mph so the death wobble would still be within the "ejection envelope." I've seen road weenies on skinny tires suddenly go ballistic over 40mph.

Sorry - I really want to see Maverick. Word is there's a scene with an F-14 Tomcat which was my favorite airplane to crawl around back in the day on the carrier. They are dead sexy.
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