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Old 07-09-2007, 01:16 AM
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Default CVS drugstore ExtraCare Rewards

EDIT: I apologize, but the link I've posted isn't exactly the same one my wife showed me that she'd print out. It's still a good read with some interesting information. Once I get a chance to sit down and ask her what I did wrong. The link I posted below does discuss the CVS and Walgreen's deals on paragraph 14.

My wife showed me this, so I haven't tried it personally but from the way it looks, you can actually make money on purchases. In other words, in the long run a $1.99 purchase could earn you, say, $3.00 for a net profit of $1.01. That is just an example but fairly close to the diagram I saw in the pdf file she had printed out.

Cliff notes: A 10 page pdf ebook download from and has some techniques to save and even make money. Couponmom refers you to eversave where you're required to register and then you have to skp no less than 12 'offers' until you get to the download page for the ebook.

However, instead of jumping through all of the hoops to get the ebook, I copied this link from the "Download" button. In order to see if it worked, I closed my browser to get rid of temp cookies and restarted it and this link directly downloaded the pdf file, so I think it ought to work for you.

If that link doesn't work for you, here's the longhand for getting their ebook. There's a link at the top right of the home page that says, "Get Coupon Mom's Ebook Free! Click Here". It requires you to register and it looks like that registration is for another site called Once you register (I used a disposable email address and fake home address), you have to SKIP about 12 advertisements (unless you'd like to register for any of them.) After you've skipped all advertisements, you come to a page with a button to download the ebook.

Lastly, if anyone happened to read my introduction...I'm a soldier with no affiliation to any corporation or organization. I don't get any benefits, money or otherwise, for referring y'all to couponmom or eversave. It just looked like a plum of a deal that I figured I'd contribute. Hopefully I wrote my post pretty clearly so it's not too confusing.
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Old 07-09-2007, 04:43 AM
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Ok. First of all, here's CVS's page that describes their ExtraCare Program:

She just explained to me that tomorrow she's going to CVS to purchase toothpaste, a toothbrush, shampoo, hair conditioner, and a razor...all stuff we're out of and use daily. Normally, the stuff would total $24 but it will all be free plus she'll earn a little over $7.

Today, she clipped $8 worth of brand coupons from the Sunday circulars for all of those items: 24 - 8 = 16. (Like Proctor & Gamble item coupons, not CVS coupons)

She has $6 worth of "ExtraBucks" on her EB acct: 16 - 6 = 10.

Everytime someone purchases something that's listed on the weekly ad, their receipt will state something on the bottom to the effect of, "You've earned $X.XX ExtraBucks...use before July 31, 2007". My wife has a receipt from a purchase made last week which earned her $3 in EB's: 10 - 3 = 7.

Finally, as stated in the circular, she will receive a receipt for tomorrow's purchase with a total of $14 of ExtraBucks ($2.50 for shampoo, $2.50 for conditioner, $5 for razor, $2 for toothpaste, and $2 for toothbrush): She'll pay $7 out of pocket for $24 worth of stuff AND get $14 ExtraBucks for a profit of $7.

The ExtraBucks is like cash in that, so long as she uses it within 30 days, she can come back the next day and purchase up to $14 worth of anything and use yesterday's receipt as legal tender. For tomorrow's purchase, $7 of the $14 EB's is free and $7 of it is a rembursement (in merchandise) for the $7 out of pocket she will have spent initially.

Hopefully that's less confusing. It took her nearly 40 min's explaining this for me to understand it and sometimes my writing clarity is lacking, so if anyone doesn't understand please let me know.
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