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Old 09-20-2018, 04:14 PM
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TBH I wasn't really keen about loading up anything in my van and I could use the cash, T! ;o)

I continue to "negotiate" with my wife and what projects to focus on.

This weekend I put out the push broom, a new can of stain and the painting implements and let my wife go to work. I hate painting and do the lion's share of it inside the house so I "delegated" it. I already did the scrubbing and shored up some sunken pavers. She only complained once about her knees hurting. That's good.

This week I've been making a list of things to do in anticipation of her parents coming to visit in November and the eventuality of Justin coming home. BTW, Justin has been asking to come home and it's been tugging at mom's heart strings. Given that he hates where ever he's sent I'm thinking his return could be sooner than we may be prepared to accept. That list is getting quite long and I need to scratch some things off. I'd hoped that replacing the front door would be the first thing but we've butted heads on costs and she's pushing me to do projects that are clearly only beneficial to increasing the curb appeal of our home.

Whatever. She got her way with the new kitchen table and ordering a bench to match. I did my part by putting the bench together and putting felt feet on the chairs, bench and table legs so they don't scratch the floors. When I'm more healed I'll take apart the old table, drag it to the curb and bring the new table upstairs. It's already bungied to a hand truck in the basement. It was a tricky affair doing it one-handed.

Today I ordered new vinyl shutters from Lowe's. She balked at the color but I'm not paying over $100 to get them case in a non standard color - even if it is Navy blue. A can of paint and a new brush is way cheaper. She wanted to order all new shutters but I just ordered new ones to replace some that had blown off the front of the house and broke. I can always paint the shutters on the back to match.

She also wants me to somehow replace the rotted pillars and rusting railiings on the front porch. We got a quote from one of those all inclusive home renovation operations for $10K. Ridiculous. Lowes sells what we need for about $1K but it's a two man job and I'm half a man, so...
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Old Yesterday, 02:17 AM
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Played golf, for drunk.
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Old Yesterday, 05:21 PM
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Still playing catch up with the girls back in school. I think I finally have the house clean- which basically means it's time to start over. Hoping to get a project list together- though it's never been my favorite thing. I did get in the water for about an hour today- paddle boarded with a buddy this morning.
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