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Old 02-16-2018, 06:18 PM
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So far, Went food shopping, Picked my daughter up at school since she was not feeling well and took her to the Dr. Double ear infection and they will treat her for strep as a precaution too, ran to the pharmacy and had to make a special trip to a pet store to get dog food, got fresh gas for the snow blower that it looks like I will be dancing with on Sunday and after just finishing eating a little lunch I am going to put away all the table leaves and folding chairs from last night basketball dinner. Who knows after that.
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Old 02-16-2018, 06:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Mark B. View Post
I cringe when I hear the term "Jam" while describing the task of folding electric wires in an outlet. Yikes!
Yeah I know. Probably not the best word to use. House was built in 1999 so wiring is fairly new. A little extra wire, nothing exposed. Really just have to fold the wires back into the box.

So far today I finished cleaning up from wife's "book" club last night. Got out and did a 11 mile trail run and am working on laundry.
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Old Yesterday, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Kwak View Post
Yeah, but a little electrical tape on the exposed metal areas puts my mind at ease. When I tore out the walls in Justinís old room and saw house my house was wired and being paranoid about flaming toasters itís a wonder I can sleep at night.

In cleaning the basement I discovered a box of white electrical outlets and will be giving them a try on Monday. In the meantime, I have a couple of ďsmartĒ recepticals on order from Amazon that are removable. If they donít work out in the kitchen they will at least serve well as replacements for the bulky old timers we used to use for nightstand lamps when going on vacation.

Smart Plug 2-Pack Upgraded Mini WiFi Smart Outlet Work with Amazon Alexa Echo/Google Assistant and IFTTT, No Hub Required by KKUP2U
Cool. Iíd love to hear what you think of those smart plugs as Iíve been looking at them with curiosity but havenít pulled the trigger.

Couple years ago I replaced all the light switches since they were pretty old, and we had about 4 different styles running throughout the house with none of them even close to matching. The outlets arenít quite as bad, but Iíd do what to replace them because some of them are starting to look pretty worn down. I was actually impressed when I checked a year or two ago and all the outlets were actually grounded - with all the odd issues this home has I was fully expecting to find several ungrounded outlets.
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Old Today, 01:08 AM
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Thanks to some YouTube videos I figured out that star ball eraser puzzle thing that someone stuck in a goodie bag at the birthday she went to Saturday.
First time she handled it, she said, "oh look it's a star- it's a ball. It's an eraser."
Next she bounced it hard on the floor and it exploded in 6 pieces (I shit you not) and there's been crying about it ever since.
Now it's fixed.
I saved the video on my phone. Cause tomorrow. I won't remember.
The hardest part of a zombie apocalypse, for me, will be trying to pretend I'm not excited.
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