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Old 06-04-2009, 12:38 PM
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Default homemade cheese

reading "animal vegetable miracle" and author describes making her own cheese. So this weekend I'll give it a try with some easy to make farmers cheese. Already thinking about a cheese press for some future hard cheeses. Anyone make their own? i'm also looking for some decent online cheese stores/website.
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Old 06-05-2009, 12:22 PM
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Yep. Got all the basics from Ricky Carrol, the woman in the book. Got a cheap press that failed in the first cheddar. Buy Ricky's plan if you have wall space and the dedication.

For aged cheeses, getting raw milk is essential. You ca make it with store-bought, but it's crumbly and doesn't resemble what you're expecting.

Temperature control is essential. We didn't get it figured out before my wife got pregnant with #1 and actually haven't taken another shot. Soon, though.
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